MLK 2015 quotes has a Twitter account

There are only four days to go now until Martin Luther King Day, which is a Federal Holiday in USA on Monday January 19, 2015.

The most recognised Martin Luther King speech of all time was the ‘I have a dream’ speech in 1963; it was five years later he was sadly assassinated in 1968.

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It was in 1983 when MLK Day became a recognized holiday through federal law, it was then in the year 2000 it became a national holiday in all parts of the United States. MLK Day is called Civil Rights Day in New Hampshire and Idaho Human Rights Day in Idaho.

Martin Luther King Jr. was also known for his engaging life turning quotes, such as ‘What are you doing for others?‘ or what about ‘I have decided to stick love hate is too great a burden to bear‘.

The last quote was the last tweet found on the Martin Luther King @mlkquotes Twitter account, this is where you will see daily Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. quotes. This Twitter account has been going since 2010 and has 13.9K followers.

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Please do visit the Twitter page above for new MLK 2015 quotes – What is the best Martin Luther King quote you have ever heard or seen?

MLK 2015 quotes has a Twitter account