First Facebook Profile picture nomination going viral

Challenges that went viral last year included Neknominate and the ALS Ice bucket Challenge, and to start 2015 the new Facebook ‘First Profile Picture’ nominations have begun and going viral.

No one knows when this new nomination started, but it did start getting noticed this year of 2015. A Facebook friend basically puts their first ever profile picture up they posted onto Facebook and then they leave a status message saying here is my first ever picture, and then you nominate three Facebook friends to do the same.

This is a Facebook trend taking over the newsfeed at the moment, and even though thousands are taking part there are a few complaining about it. A few have complained on social media that this ‘ First profile pic’ trend on Facebook is a joke; it doesn’t raise money for charity so put a stop to it.

But the majority say it is all fun, Facebook is all about connecting people and having a laugh, in a nutshell a ‘Social Media life’ where friends are friends’ and wish to share and take part in things likes this. On my personal Facebook my first ever profile picture was this one below. But here is the thing, it wasn’t actually my first ever profile photo I uploaded. The one below is the first one on Facebook now, which means a lot of my photos have either been deleted by myself or they have vanished like a magic trick. We have asked around if users first Facebook picture is showing and some said no, their first photo has gone and they don’t know why.

Facebook will be 11 years old on February 4th, 2015. Digging out you first picture and sharing and then nominating three friends is all fun. It’s just like the no make-up selfie trend that happened last year. But unlike the no make-up and Ice Bucket Challenge the ‘Facebook First Picture’ is not affiliated with an organisation.

Have you been nominated to share your first Facebook profile picture yet?

First Facebook Profile picture nomination going viral pic 2