Mia Khalifa images prompts Israeli star search

Mia Khalifa is making a stamp on social media, and not just because she is a beautiful young lady who makes movies. She has just become an international relations topic courtesy of Israel’s Minister of Economy, leader of The Jewish Home party Naftali Bennett.

Mia Khalifa posted onto her Twitter account that she has become an international relations topic, but we bet she doesn’t know ‘The Israeli Daily’ website, which posted the article looking for someone to beat her is a satirical website.

Mia Khalifa images prompts Israeli star search

Naftali Bennett according to The Israeli Daily (Still Laughing Mia) is looking for a Jewish State star after Mia Khalifa and images went viral on Twitter and other social media networks last week.

This is not real news we know, but it will be because articles from satirical sites only become popular, especially if Mia is tweeting about it herself.

The satirical website states Bennett is searching for a young professional who is better than Mia Khalifa, which in the article Bennett calls her Lebanese imitation. The chick that comes forward has to be IDF because they are always hot (The articles words not OSM’s). The article also says “Ideally they will be in the because chicks with guns are always hot. They should also be extremely flexible and have an all over tan.”

Oh dear, Mia please do come visit OSM where you can use the comments are below and let us know if you know ‘The Israeli Daily’ is a satirical website and the article is not real?

Nether the less, by people reading articles like this it is only boosting her social media popularity, she now has 228K followers on Twitter and 303K on Instagram.

The Mia Khalifa Facebook account is climbing very fast, on January 9, 2022 she reached 49,314 followers, she did say on Facebook if she reached 60,000 likes and 150 shares she would upload 3 naked Vine videos. By the 10th January she reached 56,482 followers on Facebook then asked everyone to get her to 80000 likes – Today she is on 62,625.

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