Charlie Hebdo video death shock not for social media

What everyone is calling the Charlie Hebdo video where you shockingly see a French police office getting shot was not for social media, and Jordi Mir who shared the video on Facebook now regrets what he has done.

The Charlie Hebdo attack shook the world and the public, social media and news channels etc were astonished by the bloody murders that took place. But one video that should not have been shared was that of police officer Ahmed Merabet where he was killed at point blank range.

Charlie Hebdo video death shock not for social media

Mir said he regrets sharing the video online, he never thought it would get broadcasted so fast. He said he posted the video out of “stupid reflex” after sharing a lot over the last 10 years, he said if he takes a picture of a cat he will share it.

As reported over on the Independent Jordi Mir said, “I had to speak to someone. I was alone in my flat. I put the video on Facebook. That was my error.”

The killings began at the satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo headquarters, and sadly the police officer was one of them. This was broadcasted on social media and now the family have to live with this for the rest of their lives.

In the video Ahmed Merabet was shot and laying on the floor, then one of the gunmen walked up to him and shot him in the head. It is a video no one really wants to see, but it made it online and sickened thousands that watched.

The video was uploaded on to Mir’s Facebook, but within 15 minutes in doing so he removed it. But, it was too late the video was shared all over news channels, YouTube, blogs and news channels. The video went viral and when that happens it is very hard to remove it from online.

Did you watch the video?

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