Mark Zuckerberg stands up to extremists after Charlie Hebdo attack

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg has decided to stand up to extremists after the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris, where gunmen shot dead 12 people.

The Charlie Hebdo Muhammad cartoons were not taken lightly by extremists, and it was believed this being the reason Charb and 11 other were killed with others in hospital. But, Mark Zuckerberg has decided to share his thoughts on his official Facebook account, his status post has already had 8,050 shares, 101,209 likes and 7,768 comments.

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Zuckerberg explains he fought extremist in Pakistan after they wanted him to be sentenced to death, the reason for his death was down to Facebook refusing to ban Mohammed content that offended the extremist.

The Facebook CEO decided to stand up to this because everyone has different voices, and of course sometimes they can be offensive. He says and quotes, “We stood up for this because different voices — even if they’re sometimes offensive — can make the world a better and more interesting place.”

The social media network is all about people around the world sharing ideas and their views according to Zuckerberg, who also goes on to say we all follow laws in different countries and should never let one certain country dictate or indeed a group of people dictate what Facebook users can share around the world.

After the attack in France, Zuckerberg said he had time to reflect and will reject extremism. He said, “will all need to reject group of extremists trying to silence the voices and opinions of everyone else around the world.

The status went on to say Facebook is all about speaking freely, and this should happen without the fear of violence. At the bottom of the article he sent his thoughts to the victims, families and the people of France. As well as all the around the world who wish to share their views and ideas.

The #‎JeSuisCharlie hashtag was also shared by Mark Zuckerberg, for those that do not know the Je Suis Charlie meaning – It means ‘ I Am Charlie’.

Comments are coming in very fast on Zuckerberg’s Facebook status message, and many have mixed feelings.

Do you think Mark Zuckerberg is right to stand up to what he calls extremists?

Mark Zuckerberg stands up to extremists after charlie hebdo attack

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