Lionel Messi Twitter alternatives and £500-million transfer

Lionel Messi doesn’t have his own personal verified Twitter account as of yet, and fans are asking for alternatives. Not only do fans want to see him on Twitter, they are also discussing on social media sites about him giving up Barcelona for a £500 million fee.

Rumors are spreading all over the social media channels saying Lionel Messi would leave Barcelona for a staggering £500m. The Telegraph reports Messi saying, “Chelsea and Manchester City ‘I’m yours for £500 million.”

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The worlds most valuable players on the field are Lionel Messi of Barcelona at £172.43m, and Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid at £104.24m. But, if Messi does get his deal he will stay at the top but with a massive margin.

There are really only two clubs out there who could dig deep enough for Messi, and these include Manchester United and Real Madrid. But as we know Man United would have to break a few UEFA rules to pay him half a billion pounds.

It will be in 2019 Messi’s contract expires, in the mealtime - Do you think Barcelona would accept the £500 million transfer?

Whilst on the subject of Messi, fans are still asking if Lionel Messi will have his own Twitter account. The only Lionel Messi Twitter followers are from alternative accounts, what we do know is the official Leo Messi website is coming soon.

The only verified Twitter account is Team Messi @TeamMessi, but this is a global fan movement founded by Adidas – it is NOT his own account.

The next Leo Messi Twitter account alternative is Leo Messi @messi10stats, this is where you can find all the amazing facts, official stats and much more. Last but not least is Lionel Messi @imessi.

You can follow Messi over on his official Facebook, enjoy.

Lionel Messi Twitter alternatives and £500-million transfer