Elvis Presley social impact after 80th birthday

Yesterday January 8th, 2014 was Elvis Presley’s 80th birthday, and to mark this special day wife Priscilla, daughter Lisa Marie and grandchildren were joined by hundreds of fans at Graceland.

To celebrate the King’s birthday former wife Priscilla cut an amazing eight-tier cake, you can see this cake over on Mail Online.

Elvis Presley social impact after 80th birthday pic 2

Since the Elvis Presley birthday celebrations began the world of news and social media lit up like a birthday cake, conspiracy theories are starting to surface again and trolls are coming out of the woodwork – We do not need to list them all here, just search ‘Elvis Presley Trolls’ or ‘Elvis Presley Conspiracy Theories’ in search engines or Twitter and you will see.

But good news is fans loved the celebrations’ yesterday, one Elvis Presley fan must love him because they paid a staggering $300,000 for an acetate recording of the Elvis ballad My Happiness at an auction.

The Guardian reports the record made at Sun Records, Memphis studio in 1953 operated by Sam Phillips, which was the first song 18-year-old Presley recorded - The session only cost $4.

Elvis Presley’s social impact after his 80th birthday is still huge, his social media channels continue to get followers on a daily basis. Take for example his Facebook account, which now has 12,770,311 considering ten minutes prior it has 12,770,220.

The Elvis Presley Twitter account has 199Kfollowers, you can also join his 47.5K on Instagram as well as 5,060 on Pinterest.

Elvis Presley social impact after 80th birthday