Social awareness on Ford 2015 Lincoln MKC recall

Ford is all set to recall 13,500 2015 Lincoln MKC vehicles due to SUV’s push-button ignition switch. The Lincoln MKC’s in question are those built from August 20, 2013 to September 9, 2014.

The 2015 Lincoln MKC SUV’s were manufactured at the Louisville Assembly Plant.

Social awareness on Ford 2015 Lincoln MKC recall

According to a report over on Edmunds the Ford 2015 Lincoln MKC recall will not be listed until February, and considering this is a few weeks off owners should contact the Lincoln customer service at 1-800-521-4140.

The reason behind the recall is down to the push-button ignition, where drivers are turning of the SUV by mistake. This has occurred whilst drivers and driving the vehicle.

There are buttons on the MKC allowing drivers to use different gears, this was put into place instead of the original gear shift. But instead of hitting the gear buttons drivers are hitting the “S” button to put the car in sport mode are every so often hitting the nearby start-stop button.

The start-stop button is too close to other buttons such as the gears, as well as being near the touch screen. If the start button is hit the car comes to a halt like the brakes have been slammed on hard. Owners should contact customer service, once the recall has been made official they will relocate the start-stop button. They will also be fixing the powertrain controls by reprogramming it.

No accidents or injuries have been reported to Ford, another recall relating to the fuel pump stopping the MKC and in some cases not starting has been mentioned too.

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General Motors also released a list of 2015 vehicle models affected with an ignition fault – read more here.

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