Mia Khalifa Twitter, Facebook pics and profession controversy

Mia Khalifa is causing somewhat of a stir on social media channels at the moment after becoming the number 1 star on a video sharing hub. But since she has been getting a lot of attention including love from her fans and death threats from the haters.

The beautiful 21-year-old Lebanese actress is a porn star, and has recently become the number 1 star on PornHub. So many death threats and hate tweets are flying in saying she is disrespecting her faith and deserves to be dead.

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One Twitter user named Alex Borenstein said, “@miakhalifa how do we achieve peace in the Middle East?” With Mia Khalifa replying to the tweet basically saying it is achievable if he stops talking about pornstars that do not live in his country.

This all seems to have caused an outrage in the Middle East, so many tweets have been published with one saying they are a Palestinian patriot and belives what Khalifa is doing is shameful and disrespectful. It looks like Khalifa can hold her own though with her responses, she responded to one tweet saying her head will be cut off by replying back with, ““Long as it’s not my t**s. They were expensive.”

If you visit the official Mia Khalifa Twitter and Facebook profiles you will see many pics of the star. According to many social media users, not only are the videos deemed as disrespectful, her pictures on Facebook and Twitter are as well. One Twitter user said many stars are having their accounts suspended because of them showing their nipples, so why is Mia Khalifa still online?

Are you for or against Mia Khalifa’s profession?

Mia Khalifa Twitter, Facebook pics, profession controversy

  • Samantha Conners

    Are you serious? Threatening this beautiful, young woman because she does what she loves? You people need to worry about yourselves and your own country and not what this woman does 1000’s of miles away.

  • Wow

    BAHHAHAHAH how is this even news? You know how many people get threats a day for working at some company? Or individuals, like the president, famous actors, musicians, etc? What about the millions that die every day all over the earth? But as long as you’re a porn star guess you deserve an article for more attention to your tits.

  • 1inidaho

    I seriously wonder how many people in porn enjoy what they are doing? Also, doing it voluntarily vs being forced to, how does anyone know?

    • BlueRoux

      You would be surprised.

  • John smith

    just another worthless whore, nobody cares

    • BlueRoux

      just another ignorant ass, nobody cares about your bigotry.

      • msm

        someone who defending a whore most be a whore