login queue issues, WoW and Hearthstone down

It looks like there’s a long login queue with issues being experienced by thousands right now and this has taken both World of Warcraft and Hearthstone down today. We first received reports from Online Social Media readers, especially from those seeing login errors with a “too busy” message.

The tables are too full for some people. One OSM reader said, “WoW and Hearthstone are not working for me and I can’t believe I am seeing a queue, just for the login alone. I am waiting for over an hour”.


We checked at the time of writing and see a login queue lasting around 20 minutes, although one recent tweet came with the screenshot seen above. Others report much longer waits today, January 2nd 2015.

Another reader added, “Hearthstone says All tables full”. There’s other games connected to, so if you have sign in problems with any other services then leave a comment below.

Are you having problems playing games today like WoW and Hearthstone? If these games are down for you today, or having login issues then share a status update below.

Update: Blizzard Entertainment and has confirmed there’s problems signing in on Jan 2. They had this to say, “Login Issues - We hope to have things back to normal soon, current estimate, about 90 minutes.”


  • chicken

    starcraft II is not working as well..

  • chicken too

    Unable to loggin, neigher play, 3 hours loggin queue, no infos about it on the internet so far.

  • chicken thrice

    Unable to crush minions in Diablo 3.

  • chicken quatro

    Can’t login to Diablo 3

  • Lilykoi

    In the que just to log in…

  • Bob

    Hearthstone has a 33 min wait

  • notajigaboo

    being ddosed

  • Biges Dkus

    hearthstone not working here! this is my day off wth battlenet!

  • asdsa

    I’m waiting in Que. for hearthstone and the wait timer is going up…..

  • Abyss

    36min wait here in east coast canada…

  • wizard0104

    This is the same bunch of people who don’t have a life are basically annoyed at the world, who brought down Xbox live on Christmas.

  • East

    It’s counting down to 9 then climbing back to 12 minutes….

  • sherlocked

    it’s been fixed. shud be able to play now.