2014 US ecommerce market report through infographic

The US ecommerce market stands at £252billion, making it by far the leading international nation. This explains why online companies increasingly focus on the US market, shipping overseas via efficient and competitive couriers and expanding social and PR campaigns to American audiences.

With mobile traffic looking to overtake desktop in the new year, the digital landscape continues to evolve and is showing no signs of slowing down. But how will this translate to 2015’s digital landscape? With the surge of mobile usage and social media sharing, we take a look at what to expect in the next twelve months.

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Social Ad Dominance - As social media usage grows and the top networks become more efficient with monetising, it will be a big year for social advertising. Targeting algorithms that highlight demographic, geographic and social profiling are also ever-improving. Such advancements could quite quickly make social networks the most valuable advertising platform.

Mobile First Desktop Second - Google has notoriously decided to put mobile first and desktop second in its overall strategy, which could be a sign of change to come. Eric Schmidt (CEO of Google) believes this will cause a ripple effect throughout the digital industry, with marketers seeing the opportunity for future growth.

Convenience Focus - Amazon has continued to strengthen its share in the ecommerce market with its convenient ‘Locker’ rolling out with huge success. With various click-and-collect schemes also being adopted by big players, it seems that ease of purchase may play a bigger part when influencing consumer behaviour.

Interactive Marketing - Two-way communication between brands has taken strides via social media, but with consumers now able to use multiple devices simultaneously it seems cross-device marketing may be an increasing focus in order to maintain consumer attention.

Analysing current market trends, the following infographic by Search Laboratory details the US ecommerce market and provides and insight to its current dominating state.

2014 US ecommerce market report through infographic

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You can view the report as a PDF here.

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