New Pinterest Move Pins in groups

At last and just before Christmas, Pinterest has decided to give everyone a little treat. They have now released the new ‘Move Pins’ feature update, and it is brilliant.

There is now a new way to manage your Pinterest Pins, there have been so many times you have written an article or uploaded a photo and wanted to add it to two pins, well now you can amongst other things.

New Pinterest Move Pins in groups pic 1

Pinterest now allows its users to move group of Pins, these can be moved to new or different boards.

It is as simple as this: 1) Click on any of your boards (On the Web), 2) Click on ‘Move Pins’, 3) You can select up to 50 Pins, 4) Now pick another board for them to go in.

Now here is the good bit we like the most, if you want to have a massive clear out or add Pins to multiple boards then you will like this. You on any pin choice and copy them, which basically means you can add that chosen one to another board. So for example, say you write an article on both Twitter and Facebook, you can add to your Twitter board and then click on copy in ‘Move Pins’ and then add it to the Facebook board.

Let us know if you love the new Pinterest ‘Move Pins’ feature update?

New Pinterest Move Pins in groups