Growing Google Plus followers by prioritizing

It is not rocket science to understand Google now allows all Google Plus posts into its search results, and with its 500 million active users a month there is most definitely scope foe you to grow your following.

It makes perfect sense to prioritizing G Plus into your social media marketing efforts. It does not matter if you are a Google Plus newbie or a well established user, you can still grow your Google Plus followers by prioritizing.

Growing Google Plus followers by prioritizing pic 1

This infographic below by EveryPost titled, “How to grow your Google Plus Following,” is rather interesting, please do read on.

Use the discovery option by building segmented circles to receive recommendations of pages and people to follow.

There are 14 vital ways to gain more followers on your Google Plus, one of them states you should check the following of other brands and influencers. This is where you should use the ‘About’ section of a person’s page to discover lists of people or brands they are following.

Check out the list of people that have engaged with a popular post, this is easily done by using the engagement on posts to find people who are interested in similar content. It also makes sense to use circles to prevent overload of information by directly contacting followers who are interested in specific topics.

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