Facebook Walmart gift card scam warning

Facebook is full of fun and laughter especially around Christmas, but it is also the time of year to be very careful in what links you click. There is a new scam link on Facebook offering social media users a Walmart high value gift card.

The Walmart gift card sponsor offer is there to be won after answering a quick survey, which basically gets consumers spending more money than the card is actually worth.

Walmart have picked up on this Facebook scam and have written on its ‘Fraud Alerts’ website titled, “Gift Card Sponsor Offer Scam.” When consumers click on the link it will take you to a deceitful website that can also steal your Facebook profile.

One version of the Facebook scam was spotted by Rapid City Journal, the scam shows there is a treat and Christmas is soon and you can get a chance to get a $250 Walmart Gift Card!!! Then it goes on to say “It’s so easy!! Just follow the steps here: http://LINKTOPHISHINGSITE.COM/?1189181akdfkg - The link has been changed so you do not get scammed. It is not a limited time offer and do not even wish them a Merry Christmas, because they will just ruin the festive spirit for you.

Walmart do say they never ask online for consumers to fill in surveys for gift cards, they do not send unsolicited emails either. If you do think you have been caught in a Facebook scam we recommend you changing your Facebook password as soon as possible.

Have you ever been caught in a Facebook scam?

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