Bebo social network desertion promotes comeback

The Bebo social network login is no more, but it seems the social network desertion promotes its comeback. Bebo was one of the fastest growing social networks in the UK, until the likes of Facebook and Twitter came along.

In 2005 when it launched Bebo rose to around 10 million unique users, but then 3 years later in 2008 AOL purchased the social media network for $850 million. When Facebook came a long social media sites such as MySpace and Bebo were no longer cool, this is when Bebo started to drop in active users. Things just went from bad to worse in no time at all.

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AOL then sold Bebo in 2010 to Criterion Partners, and then for only $1 million its original founders bought it back after the site went bankrupt. Now Bebo is making a comeback as a new messaging application, where you and your friends can chat after making your very own avatar (Cartoon character).

Bebo is now aiming at all age groups, especially teenagers. Users create an avatar, which is then used in different hashtag illustrations. So if you make a twerk illustration it would be “#twerk.”

You can even slap each other, give someone a black eye. We do not normally write about apps, but we wanted OSM readers to know the once successful Bebo social media network is not down and out just yet. For more information just visit Google Play or the App Store and search “Bebo”.

Features: Create a Bebo, Chat with friends, Use hashtags, Draw just like Draw Something, send music while messaging, and you can also show your bebo on a map so your friends know where you are. The Twitter response seem very good indeed, people are loving it.

Are you happy the once popular Bebo is making a comeback?

Bebo social network desertion promotes comeback