Social media puzzle strategy for content sharing

Solving the social media puzzle is not a game for those with a short deadline, or those with a short attention span. There is always a way around things that will continue the process of decent social media strategy without the need of stress.

Axonn has put together a great infographic titled, “Piecing Together a Super Social Media Strategy,” and it is most definitely looking at if you need a social media strategy to success.

Social media puzzle strategy for content sharing pic 1

Social media is a battlefield of short deadlines and even shorter attention spans, but these 10 brilliant statistics and 6 great tips you can use to develop a much better social media strategy that’ll impress your followers / audience in return improving your results.

77% of people follow at least one brand on social media, 56% have unfollowed a brand for posting boring or salesy content. The infographic also shows if 80% of your content is useful, around 20% can be sales-related. 99% expect a response to mentioning a brand on social media.

Above are a few of the great stats, when it comes to tips the ain one that stands out for us is the where you need your content to show personality, do not be bland. If you believe for one second your post is a little too risky to post, then it probably is.

What is your best stat and tip from the infographic below?

Social media puzzle strategy for content sharing