Lizard Squad vs. The Finest with Twitter comeback

The Lizard Squad’s Twitter account @LiazrdPatrol has been suspended and taken offline. According to a tweet, gamers will be able to thank ‘The Finest Squad’ (@FinestSquad) for taking them down.

The Finest tweeted, “We have successfully removed LizardSquad from Twitter. Your Welcome fellow gamers. We will make sure their IRC stays offline. #FinestSquad.”

Lizard Squad vs. The Finest with Twitter comeback

Many Twitter users are saying Microsoft and Sony should be paying The Finest for taking down Lizard Squad, they have caused nothing but problems taking down Xbox Live and PSN.

Before you get all happy and relieved, even though the @LizardPatrol was suspended they have already made a comeback with @LizardReturns. or have they? Looks like a fake account to us.

Is this the case of Lizard Squad vs. The Finest?

Already the new Twitter account has 402 followers within 24 hours, and they have already made a dig at The Finest with this tweet below –

It now seems Lizard Squad have come back with all guns blazing, they said they were going to make an impact around Christmas.

By the Finest getting them suspended on Twitter they will make a massive impact to prove a point, Lizard Squads’ last tweet said, “Who shall we do as our comeback? Retweet for PSN Fav for Xbox Live.”

Do you think the Lizard Squad is going to come back stronger than ever? Are you happy they got suspended from Twitter?

Lizard Squad vs. The Finest with Twitter comeback pic 1

  • Stephan Watkins

    Lizards Squad needs to sent to life in prison. They need to report the Lizards Squad to the FBI, and CIA before it’s too late.

  • I hate Destiny.

    These guys are just anorexic pimple-faced teenagers that want to get noticed. I didn’t even hear about them until my cousin told me. And he didn’t hear about them until he miss-typed something in google search. So they are idiots that need to get girlfriends instead of tormenting peeps.