Google Plus hatred after ruining address book

One Google Plus user is not happy at all, so much so they said they hate the social media product. The hate stems from ruining his address book to promote G Plus.

Jason Nunnelley like everyone else has an opinion and rightfully so, his hate for Google Plus is rising each day. Nunnelley who works at has posted a couple of times now his dislike to Google Plus, one is main about ruining his address book and the other explaining how Google makes things difficult and how they control people.

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He said, “Why insert names into my email when I already have a name associated with that address in my Contacts? Why make YouTube so difficult?” Then his answered with, “because they’re trying to control me. They want to force me to do everything with ONE master account, and that account MUST be on Google Plus (because that is the master’s ring).”

In another post he started of with “Dear Google, I HATE Google Plus,” then discusses a few things on why. Nunnelley explains his address book is not an advert for Google Plus, but in fact it is. He say’s in a nutshell everything is an ad for G Plus, such as YouTube, Address Book etc.

He really doesn’t like the fact Google dictates how he names his contacts in his address book.

Read the rest of the G Plus post by Jason Nunnelley below: Do you think he is right in what he say’s, or do you disagree? Please do comment below.

No doubt my friend Lance did a friend a favor and used his email address to set something up on Google and you likely forced him to associate the email address and new Google account with some Google Plus account, so he just pushed on through figuring it made no big difference in his life. Little did he know you were going to associate that email address with this friend’s name FOREVER, overriding my Address Book even to promote your Social Media service.

Just like my YouTube channel that MUST have a Google Plus channel, you’ve polluted everything Google with this annoyance. And, you won’t let me associate my [ONE] Google Plus account with my many Google Apps email accounts. So… I have the privilege of setting up a unique and different Plus account with every single email account or Google account I ever use.

Thanks! No, not really._

Google Plus hate after ruining address book