Reach last minute shoppers on Twitter

1 in 4 shoppers wait until December to begin their holiday shopping, millions of people around the world leave Christmas shopping until the last minute, in some cases on Christmas Eve.

Twitter is a great platform to reach these last minute Christmas shoppers, and to reach out to them need not be hard at all. In fact it is rather easy if you do the right things.

Reach last minute shoppers on Twitter

Tweeting holiday gift ideas will help inspire your followers and stay top of mind during the holiday rush, and by using keyword targeting in your Twitter Ads campaigns to reach customers who are Tweeting about holiday keywords related to your business.

Another thing to remember is “Website Cards,” use these to make it easier for customers to click through to your online store. It is all about #SmallGoesBig, you can increase your business sales by following the above as well as thinking about advertising on Twitter.

What is your best way to reach out to last minute Christmas shoppers on Twitter?

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