Google Plus Gender update adds custom option

A new Google Plus update has been added where you can decline to state and custom fill your gender. There is no need for many gender options like Facebook, when G Plus simply adds custom to cover all.

In the Google Plus profile editor the Gender options are male, female, decline to state and now custom. This new custom field allows you to type in what you want, when you click on “Edit’ under your Google Plus Basic Information you will now get new ‘Gender’ options.

Google Plus Gender update adds custom option

The ‘Custom’ option asks the user, “What is your gender?” Underneath this there is another option saying, “Please refer to me as” here you can choose male, female or other.

If you decide to add your gender in the custom field you can still choose who sees this or not, it is up to you who sees it or doesn’t, this bit hasn’t changed. If you do not see the new Google Plus update yet please be patient, they are rolling it out globally.

For some it is not as easy as being male or female, its more compound than that.

What are your views on the new Google Plus Gender update?

Google Plus Gender update adds custom option main pic