Websites down today: Weather Channel, Battlenet WoW

Three sites are down at the moment causing a little bit of a stir with its users, these include the Weather Channel, and World of Warcraft (WoW).

People are complaining about World of Warcraft being down, users are not happy that the server went down, even though the site shows it is all up and running again. Please be aware that there was a maintenance update scheduled today at 5am lasting approximately 1 hour – Read the official tweet here.

After BlizzardCS posted its tweet followers tweeted back, some of them are rather bad with the language so we will not add them. In a nutshell, “How difficult would it be to actually put an accurate status on the start up page? 15 min or 1 hr?” has been seeing issues, so much so BlizzardCS posted many tweets. They have been tweeting for the last 16 hours with the first saying they was working on fixing the problem surrounding login issues with, another tweet said, “Our engineers continue to investigate the login issues/issues with our authentication servers.” Their last tweet was 9 hours ago saying the Battlenet account management is no longer in maintainance and they continue to work on the overall login/store issues. Are you still having problems with Battlenet being down.

Another site having issues is the Weather Channel, when we tried to access forecasts the on-screen message said, “Oh no! The page you are looking for does not exist. Go back, friend, go back! OR, check out some of our favorite areas of the site.” Are you having issues with the Weather Channel?

What websites are you having problems with today? Please do let us know in the comments below.

Websites down today- Weather Channel, Battlenet WoW