PlayStation Network down: Lizard Squad hated by gamers

Both PlayStation and Xbox gamers need to rejoice its attack on Lizard Squad, the hacking group claims they are responsible for taking down the PlayStation network and we all know they promise more will come around Christmas time.

When you visit the PlayStation Store you will see an on-screen message saying, “Page Not Found! It’s not your fault. Its the Internet’s fault.” This is now happening just after Lizard Squad took down Xbox Live last week, which saw an outage for about 24 hours.

PlayStation Network down- Lizard Squad hated by gamers pic 1

This is a major disruption to gamers, and they are not happy about the PlayStation network being down. One gamer said it is a little strange how they decide to take down PSN just after the 20th anniversary celebrating the gaming console.

When you visit Lizard Squad’s Twitter account @LizardPatrol you will see a tweet saying, “PSN Login #offline #LizardSquad.” Sony Entertainment Network did tweet saying, “We are aware that users are having issues connecting to PSN. Thanks for your patience as we investigate.”

Many tweets are coming in surrounding the PlayStation Network being down, we have noticed many saying do not call this a hack. Its is ‘DDOSing is not Hacking!!’.

Here are a few tweets – Please do comment below on how you feel.

PlayStation Network hacked- Lizard Squad hated by gamers