New Aston Martin DB10 in Bond 24 Spectre

The new Aston Martin DB10 has been unveiled and shared on the company’s social media channels. The new motor will be replacing the DBS, which has been in the last three James Bond movies; the new DB10 will be in Bond 24 aka Spectre.

James Bond Spectre is the new movie and is expected to release November 6th, 2015. Daniel Craig aka James Bond was at the unveiling with the cast at Pinewood Studios.

New Aston Martin DB10 in Bond 24 Spectre pic 1

This is the best looking sexiest Aston Martin to be seen, which was specifically designed for use in Spectre. But it has also been said the powerhouse of a motor will represent the 2016 next generation of Vantage.

Aston Martin’s new DB10 was created for James Bond 007 and there will be a limited number of them, 10 to be exact. Hey ‘Q’, what gadgets will you be putting on there?

Aston Martin took to its social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus to share the new Aston Martin DB10 with the world. We would also recommend you visiting the official 007 Twitter account for up-to-date news.

Are you looking forward to the new James Bond Spectre movie, and what do you think of the new Aston Martin DB10?

New Aston Martin DB10 in Bond 24 Spectre