Facebook contest survey scam warning

There are many Facebook scams out there and sometimes people fall for the trap. One contest scam tried to trick a user from Springfield, so much so the apparent Jihaddist caller said they were going to blow the mans house up.

Many contests on Facebook show that you could win a holiday, money, a car or even a dinner. All it takes is a little survey and that is it your in a trap.

Facebook contest survey scam warning pic 1

One man from Springfield explains in a video over on KY3 how he was caught in a scam, he thought he was going to get a free $100 shell gift card so he applied thinking he had nothing to lose.

Wesley Phillips started to fill out the form with general questions, the survey asked odd questions such as “Are you divorced”, and then it asked if he had asthma. After the survey was done he received a phone call and they new him by name, he was then told he had to make a payment on a speedy loan, which he replied, “”I’ve never applied for a loan like that.”

What Phillips fell into was a Facebook scam created by cyber criminals.

Have you ever been caught in a Facebook scam?

Facebook contest survey scam warning