Xbox Support’s Twitter attack at Lizard Squad

Xbox Support has attacked hackers Lizard Squad on Twitter for taking down Xbox live, and the federal bureau of investigation have been contacted.

Xbox Live went down today and is slowly coming back online around the world, and the Lizard Squad admitted in being behind the hack. On the @LizardPatrol Twitter page they tweeted, “Xbox Live #offline”.

But after the Lizard Squad tweeted that message they posted some more, in one they said it was just some preparation for Christmas, in another they mentioned it was a small dose of what’s to come on Christmas. But they could not leave it there, they also said Sony had at worse and then “Who’s Next?”

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Xbox users took to Twitter to vent their anger after Xbox Live was taken down. One gamer said, “It is not fair, the Lizard Squad DDOS attacks on gaming servers has been going on far too long now and something needs to happen, its not fair on us gamers who pay a lot of money on games that we cannot play online.”

Another Titter users said, “What have I as a gamer done to deserve the Lizard Squad treatment?” Lizard Squad have also taken down PSN and Destiny for a while now and gamers are not happy at all.

Gamers were happy when Twitter suspended the Lizard Squad account, but they just started another account and now back in the gamer’s world.

What are your views on Lizard Squad?

If you visit the Official Microsoft @XboxSupport overflow Twitter account you will see a few tweets attacking and threatening Lizard Squad. Here are their tweets in response –

Xbox Support’s Twitter attack at Lizard Squad

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    is that Xbox account you posted tweets from Microsoft owned, because last night it seemed to be unverified, meaning it would not matter what was posted, since it isn’t on Microsoft’s behalf per se.