Pinterest followers, following lost after downtime

Pinterest went down for about an hour earlier today, and when the pinning website came back online users discovered they had lost a lot of their followers and following numbers.

Soon after we published our previous article about Pinterest downtime, readers have used the commenting area and posted their problems.

Pinterest followers, following lost after downtime pic 1

The 7 comments published by OSM readers all relay the same problem; one Pinterest user said they lost 27,000 followers and now only follows 20 people. They also said the home feed is a selection of random rubbish too.

Other Pinterest users in Minnesota, Illinois, Massachusetts, Italy and United Kingdom have all lost followers and following. As far as we can see everything seems to running smoothly again, we have contacted a few friends to see if they are having any Pinterest problems and they say its all ok.

Our OSM Pinterest page seems to be running ok with no problems at all. Have you lost any followers or following at all today, if so how many?

Pinterest followers, following lost after downtime

  • Lisa Napoli Moulder

    I haven’t lost followers but when I click on a board, it’s pulls up a different board??

  • Sigerson

    Every time I try to pull up a board, I see something totally incorrect.

  • thebrunetteone

    I lose 30-50 followers at random times, approx once a week :(