Anonymous video: Fort Lauderdale, FLPD website shutdown

Two Fort Lauderdale government websites have been shutdown by well-known hackers ‘Anonymous’. The websites in question include and, when you try to visit the two sites error messages show up.

The YouTube video below titled “OpLiftTheBans” published by ‘GSA AMCF’ shows a Guy Fawkes figure discussing that if their demands are not met they will shut down the main site of Fort Lauderdale among other sites.

Anonymous video- Fort Lauderdale, FLPD website shutdown pic 1

Computer hacker collective Anonymous shutdown the sites in connection to homeless feeding ordinance, which basically makes it illegal for the homeless to sleep in certain places, which has caused major controversy.

Social media networks went crazy when this new law took effect, Anonymous have claimed responsibility. The hackers did put out a warning saying they have 24 hours or less to comply.

In the video below this is what was said, “Hello citizen of the world and Fort Lauderdale. It has come to our attention that Mayor John Seiler has become an embarrassment to the law-abiding citizens of Fort Lauderdale. Arresting Arnold Abbot who is 90 years old and served our country for feeding the homeless. You are a disgrace Mayo John Seiler. So therefore, we have a list of demands and if not met, then we shall shut down the main site of Fort Lauderdale among other sites. Our demands are to lift the ordinance C-14-38 which makes panhandling illegal at busy intersections for not only homeless but also charities; C14-41 which makes it illegal for anyone to sleep in public in the downtown area; and C14-42 which prohibits citizens from being able to hand out food unless certain requirements are met. You have 24 hours or less depending on whether this reaches you Mayor John Seiler. 24 hours to comply with our demands or the site will be shut down along with other sites belonging to Fort Lauderdale. Operation Lift the Bans engaged. We are anonymous. We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. You should have expected this Mayor John Seiler.”

Please do watch the video below and let us know what you think.

Anonymous video- Fort Lauderdale, FLPD website shutdown