Social media strategy for Cyber Monday

Many believe that Cyber Monday is bigger and better than Black Friday, and businesses using its social media as a strategy for more sales is becoming a more popular thing to do.

Cyber Monday deals this year according to Deal analyst Matt Granite (Source – Tech Times) believes it will be a lot bigger than Black Friday. It is now believed discounts’ this year will be around 10 to 14% better than those for Black Friday.

Words like ‘Black Friday doorbusters’ and ‘Cyber Monday savings’ are the norm this time of year, and social media is becoming the forefront of advertising to its customers. The likes of Walmart, Amazon, Target, Best Buy and many more are using Facebook, Twitter etc to advertise its deals.

Social media strategy for Cyber Monday

Basically it is called the ‘Social Media Internet Shopping Centre”, using social media to let your customers know about the deals you have to offer saves so much searching on its websites. If an already customer follows you on your social media channel share all the products you have on offer, the big boys are already doing it, so why aren’t you?

Do not allow your customer to get stressed, trust me shopping this time a year myself is the most daunting thing. But then I am a man and I always leave things to the last minute, not saying all men are like that. So seeing as I use social media a lot if I see a deal pop up on my social channel it normally gets me clicking to read more about the offer.

If I had a product I wanted to sell I would personally push it hard on social media networks, not too hard it looks like your desperate but use what you have to its full potential. You have to remember, say there is a really good Best Buy Cyber Monday deal, do you really think a customer will not look elsewhere to see if they can get a better deal! Trust me they will. So use social media wisely.

Promote your product on offer using niche hashtags, if you have a HP laptop for sale there is no point just using the hashtag #HPLaptop, millions of others would have used it, make sure you put the brand and model in the hashtag such as #HP15-f003dx – ALWAYS add a photo of the product, visuals are more powerful than text.

Are you using social media to promote your Cyber Monday deal?

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