Justin Bieber Instagram threats should be deleted

Justin Bieber or team really needs to get their act into gear with its social media channels, especially Instagram.

After reading many of the comments on his Instagram channel you can clearly see many are either too young or just totally crazy to leave the comments they do. The channel needs to be monitised regularly, its ok putting pictures up because that’s what fans want. But what fans do not want is comments about stabbing people and all the swearing.

Justin Bieber Instagram threats should be deleted pic 1

One comment on this Justn Bieber Instagram photo said, “@e.rika I never said I was going to stab you dumb F***. It was the other girl, learn how to read first bitch.”

His Instagram account is full of hate against people that do not like him, another comment said, “F*** you, leave him alone, Your hate make us so strong please keep going on.”

There is too much swearing and if young teenagers are following you Justin you should at least monitor what it said. An opinion is all welcoming but swearing and people threatening to stab people is just crazy.

Do you think any comment on Justin Bieber’s Instagram that are threatening or uses bad language should be deleted?

Maybe Instagram should warn his followers, if they do not tone down then the account will be deleted.

Justin Bieber Instagram threats should be deleted

  • French fries

    Why should justin’s account be deleted? He didn’t do anything wrong, he just posts pictures well thats what instagram is for. The only accounts that should be deleted are the people who are hating on justin. Their hate is just too much that beliebers cant just watch and keep quiet. So they respond to the hate defending justin of course. Dont blame justin he did not do anything wrong.

  • ivan

    It’s not Justin’s fault there are idiots that post dumb things trashing him as ‘fag’ and so on. His account is for his fans not haters. It should be noted other celebrities also get nasty comments from idiots on those accounts. Why is Justin Bieber always the target? Justin Bieber does not have the time to look though thousands of comments and delete every nasty comment which goes through.

    • Small Moments Like These

      I will say that not all hate is warranted. But Justin likes to act like a child. Breaks many laws and thinks he’s above the law and everyone else.

      As for him being used for the article. It’s an example. We all know other celebs get this attention. However Justin’s fanbase usually consists of the younger crowd more than adults. Hence trying to re enforce a less violent atmosphere being key.

      As for moderating his channel. It’s not impossible. But there are just too many comments that get posted to really enforce it. I believe you can report offensive posts though.

  • Justin K

    Why single out Justin Bieber when this happens on every other celebrities Instagram page? And how is it Justin Biebers or His Teams job to monitor? Your misdirected anger should he directed toward Instagram.