Asda, Tesco Black Friday Twitter jokes

Black Friday November 28, 2021 was a day Asda and Tesco shoppers would like to forget, maybe they are looking forward to ‘Beige Sunday’. OK, Beige Sunday is not a real sale day but would be funny.

The biggest shopping day of the year seems to run smoothly in the United States, but that is simply down to them doing it for years. However, here in the UK both Asda and Tesco were not so prepared for the mayhem. Fights broke out, queues were just manic and some store could not cope so they shut the doors.

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It is a day where the worst is brought out of people just to bag a bargain, personally we would stick with Cyber Monday. Police were called to many UK supermarkets and stores and even they had to fight through the crowds.

A few have called Black Friday the ‘zombie shopper apocalypse’, thought that was rather funny to be fair. In the middle of all the mayhem thousands took to Twitter with Black Friday jokes.

One that we saw on Twitter was supposedly a letter from Tesco saying, “A Thank You. We’d like to say a big thank you to all our customers who took a load of sh*t TVs off our hands last night. We honestly thought we’d never shift them.” Read the rest below – of course this was a joke just posted onto Twitter, for those that believe Tesco would not say something like that.

Another Twitter user said, “Apparently Ross Kemp turned up at Tesco in Merthyr filming a new worlds deadliest places.”

Other Tweets that came in include – Have you got any funny stories or jokes about Asda and Tesco Black Friday?

Asda, Tesco Black Friday Twitter jokes