7/11 Beyonce video climaxes at 30m YouTube views

There seems to be mixed feelings about Beyonce’s new 7/11 video, but when you watch the video and listen to the lyrics it is all about her having fun. Who are we to judge when there is a smile on someone’s face? Well, apparently there are 30,847 commenting judges.

The new 7/11 video shows Beyonce is having fun in a hotel with friends, and just watching the first minute of the video she is doing some crazy dancing, which to be fair makes you want to join in – comes on guys and girls she’s having a blast.

7:11 Beyonce video climaxes at 30m YouTube views pic 1

The “Beyoncé” album was a fantastic surprise last year, because it had no announcement at all, but it was so popular it went platinum. Now her latest single “7/11,” seems to be hitting the great success wall too.

There is no intro at all, the vide just starts with her dancing with no routine with her hands up in the air and spinning. It seems random and fun and we actually like it, in the song she sings “spinning with my hands up.”

People are indeed thinking “what the heck is this,” and that is what we love about the song. Number one, the 7/11 video has had 30,451,245 YouTube views so far with 262,980 thumbs up and 28,271 thumbs down, it has also had 30,847 comments.

The 7/11 lyrics are interesting and rather simple, she really loves saying “Smack It,” and “In the air, as well as “My hands up.”

What do you think of the new 7/11 Beyonce video? Check out the full 7/11 Beyonce lyrics via Metro Lyrics.

7:11 Beyonce video climaxes at 30m YouTube views