Thanksgiving turkey recipes with Pinterest

Today is Thanksgiving Day and since 1863 it has been a yearly holiday in the United States. Today is the day where traditionally family and friends get together to celebrate over a special meal, normally consisting of turkey.

Of course vegetables, cranberry sauce, potatoes, stuffing, gravy and the famous pumpkin pie, will accompany the turkey. But, today we will provide you a few turkey recipes we found via Pinterest.

Thanksgiving turkey recipes with Pinterest

Pinterest is a good social media platform to be on when it comes to finding Thanksgiving turkey recipes. Thanksgiving Day is also the start opening of the Christmas shopping season is some towns.

There are so many Thanksgiving turkey recipes on Pinterest; here are a few we really like. First up is simply called ‘Turkey Recipes‘ where you can start your Thanksgiving feast. This Pinterest board by ‘Allrecipes’ who has 215,686 followers, their turkey recipes include brine ideas, breast recipes and even ideas for leftovers, please take a look at their 79 pins by clicking on the turkey recipes above.

Next up is ‘Thanksgiving Turkey’ by ‘Magicofthe Seasons’ with 54 pins, just having a look here and you will find some great ideas. Such as apple-sage roasted turkey, or how about slow cooker turkey breast stuffed with wild rice and cranberries.

Our favorite is this turkey recipes Pinterest board with 978 pins. You can use most of these turkey recipes for Thanksgiving Day. Delve into ‘20 Things to do With Turkey Leftovers’ or how about surprising your family and friends with a unique recipe such as turkey-biscuit pot pie, or mayonnaise roasted turkey – so many ideas so get cooking.

You can also see many other ideas on this Pinterest page; do you know how you will be cooking your turkey today for Thanksgiving 2014?

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