Infographic in engaging more Instagram followers

There are around 200 million reasons why you should be growing your Instagram followers, it is estimated that 75 million of these are active daily users. The rest of them do come on a regular basis and will follow you if you give them good enough reason to.

OK, Instagram is nowhere as popular when it comes to presence than say the likes of Facebook with around 1.25 billion, but it is a social media platform that is growing at a glorious rate. Even brands are taking to Instagram, and now it is your turn to show authority.

Thanks to SetUpABlogToday they have put an infographic together titled ‘Treble Your Instagram Followers In 10 Easy Steps’.

1) Hashtag It.

By using hashtags you can gain thousands of followers. But there are rules to this, such as not using too many hash tags in one single post. Identify hash tags that relates to your image and only ever use a maximum of two on one image. It makes sense to go for the most popular hash tags but don’t, if you do your image will end among a load of noise and will be lost, which makes perfect sense to use specific hash tags. The info graphic also mentions you should not post a photo of your dog with the tag #dog! You should tag it as a #beagle or #yoke etc, which means you are targeting a more closely grouped set of people.

2) Interact and Connect.

Talking on Instagram gets your followers. Same as in real life when you talk to people, you tend to make friends that way.

Connect up your Instagram with your Facebook account so that your friends see your images and start following you, makes sense seeing as Facebook owns Instagram. It is all about spreading the Instagram love, and to do this cross post your Instgram images on your other social platforms to gain new followers and promote engagement on text posts only. Always comment on other people’s photos within your niche to attract attention.

Other Infographic Key Areas

3) Know what’s hot by harnessing the power of knowing whats popular to gain more followers. 4) Promote yourself, here are some great tips to help promote your Instagram account offline and online. 5) Geo tags. 6) Do not over do it, pace yourself. Do not dump all of your photos into your feed at once. 7) Start a contest by hosting a photo contest to attract followers. 8) Using the right filters. 9) Add captions. 10) Time is of the essence.

Each one of the numbers above have great detail in what to do, please do have a read of the infographic below and then let us know what you think in the comments.

Infographic in engaging more Instagram followers