Content marketing trends to engage followers in social media

78 percent of CMOs believe custom content is the future of marketing, and to make sure that your content marketing efforts pay off, take the following social media trends into consideration while documenting a content strategy plan.

Below are a few infographics by Ease Social explaining the contents, such as format, type, distribution and response.

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1. Format of the Content

Which form of content should you promote as a part of the content marketing strategy? The most popular content marketing tactics used by B2C marketers shows that 88% post content on social media, 78% post articles on a website, 76% send e-newsletters, 72% write blog-posts, 72% also create videos and only 46% develop mobile content.

format of the content

2. Type of the Content

What kind of content works best for your brand on social media? The most shareable content types that help B2C marketers engage followers on social media includes 94% of users share stuff that might uplift their lives or that of other. 61% share interesting stuff, something deep and emotional that moves them to tears, 43% share types of content that is funny and makes the audience laugh.

Type of the Content

3. Distribution of the Content

Which social media platforms should you choose for content sharing? The most desired social media channels by B2C marketers to distribute their content is rather interesting, 89% distribute content on Facebook, 80% on Twitter, 72% YouTube and 71% of content gets distributed to LinkedIn.

Distribution of the Content

4. Response of the Content

What type of response triggers more content sharing? Some of the social media insights given by B2C marketers on responses for the content include 57% of users trusting more in the opinion of his/her contacts than in what the brand has got to say about its product or service. 32% more predispositions shown by users when giving positive votes to a comment if it has received likes previously.

Response of the Content

Adding social network icons in every type of content whether it be e-newsletters or blogs, facilitate and influence users to like or share the content.

Content marketing trends to engage followers in social media