Social media Q&A infographic for marketing strategies

There are always questions and answers when it comes to social media marketing strategies, and deciphering the differences between good and bad can either make or break the way you get full attention and engagement.

Social media propaganda will always circulate the Internet, the right, the wrong and the importance of the myths. Do you believe in all the social media myths on the Internet?

Social media Q&A infographic for marketing strategies

A study conducted by Social Media Examiner shows that 83% of marketers are somewhat baffled when it comes to social media marketing. The main issues surround the likes of engagement, tactics, tools and a few others.

The infographic below by FlightPath titled ‘Seven Spooky Social Media Myths’ provides the best questions and answers - Do you agree or disagree with them?

Myth 1 says that the more hashtags the better. The infographic explains that this is true for the likes of Instagram and Twitter, but not Facebook. The more hashtags a brand uses in a Facebook post, the less engagement it receives.

In myth number 2 the question says that Vine is the best platform for social video, but this is not actually true if most of your fans are on Facebook. Social media marketers should take full advantage of integration with whichever platform your audience uses regularly. The infographic hints Twitter owns Vine and Facebook owns Instagram.

If you believe YouTube is mainly used by teenagers you may want to think again, apparently only 10% of YouTube users are aged between 13 and 17. We have listed three of the social media marketing myths, now read the infographic below for the other 4.

Courtesy of: Flightpath NY

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