Vine vs. Vimeo infographic from launch to present

When it comes to Vine and Vimeo, do you really know the differences between the two from launch to present?

Managing Director of One Productions, a video production company based in Dublin, Ireland, Tom Hopkins sent us this informative infographic simply titled ‘Vine Vs. Vimeo’ which shows us the different contrasts and differences between them from launching to where they are now.

The infographic is rather interesting, Vine was launched in 2013 as a free video application for iOS devices, it also released on Android in June 2013. However, Vimeo released 9 years before Vine in November 2004, which launched as a video sharing website available on multiple platforms.

Vine was also known as ‘Instagram for Video’ and Vimeo is also known as ‘The Anti-YouTube’. Both Vine and Vimeo headquaters are based in New York City, USA. Vine doesn’t have a turnover but does have two investors, who are RRE Ventures and Boxgroup. Vimoe doesn’t have any investors and turned over $40 million in 2013.

Please read more via the infographic below, which looks into ownership, founders, tag lines, acquisitions, employees, usage, user demographics, as well as features and most followers stats.

Vine vs. Vimeo infographic from launch to present