Netflix is down and causing problems for some

It looks like Netflix is having issues since 3:10 AM EST, not too sure if this is a global problem but it is most definitely happening for some.

The major issues seem to be lying with video streaming with some users getting no Netflix connection at all. Over on Down Detector they report 46% of the issues is down to video streaming, 40% with no connection and 12% having login problems.

One Netflix users said, “Netflix down in Phoenix, says “cannot connect to Netflix. Please try again or visit” and the website isn’t even coming up, says site is unavailable.”

Another users said they are having issues and whilst watching an episode of something and there were no problems at all in Safari, but when they went to the next episode it could load their website.

So far we can see the Netflix service problem occurred in Phoenix, Hawaii, Bay area, St. Louis, Ontario Canada.

In the news recently –

A few days ago Gigaom reported Netflix shutting down its public API, basically ending its support with its third-party applications, which exercised the use of API to get movie and TV titles etc. One user was not happy about the change as they apparently used these public services to sort through movies since Netflix search engine is so minimalist.

Also in the news comes via Variety, they reports that the Netflix streaming date of Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D has been set.

Are you having problems with Netflix today?