Your views on new Facebook Say Thanks videos

Facebook has added the new ‘Say Thanks’ make a new video for a friend feature, and we actually love it better than the ‘Look Back’ videos they released last year.

The social networking site really wants you to connect with those on your friends list, allowing you more options to stay in touch with people by making a video that brings you closer.

The videos shows how much you care, all you need to do is select or search for a friend on this dedicated ‘Say Thanks’ page where you can make a video for a friend and then choose the theme – Choices include ‘Old Friend’ or ‘Friends’. When you choose a friend and theme just scroll down to see the photos chosen, Facebook will add photos automatically but these can be un-ticked for you to choose the ones your prefer.

Once the video has been made you can share with your friend. Because you have chosen a friend and made a video for them, when you click the share button it will automatically send to that persons Facebook timeline.

I personally created a few videos, one for my wife, brother and very good friend. Once my wife watched the video she said, “Thank u hubby. That’s so sweet. Xxxx,” my brother commented, “Very nice bro, thanks,” and my friend said, “You have made me smile . Thanks mate I needed it today xx.”

Please head on over and make your video to ‘Say Thanks’, you will be loved for it. What do you think of the new Facebook Say Thanks video feature?

Here is an example video courtesy of Facebook -