Google Plus debate on Chicago Bears

The game didn’t go really well for Chicago Bears after they lost 55 to 14 to the Green Bay Packers, and since the game many American Football fans have taken to social media to have their say about the Bears.

Yesterday we asked a simple question in our ‘Chicago Bears tweets Trestman disappointment after Packers win’ article, which was “Do you think people are being harsh on the Chicago Bears loss against the Green Bay Packers?” And since the response on my Google Plus profile saw 25 comments come in, below we have listed the comments in order. Please do feel free to add your comments below.

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Keith kowalski: 1/2 of all teams lose. They all blame the losing team.

Brandon Sutherland: I think they honestly just had poor defensive coverage. The entire team is not bad but they have several weak links in the chain that need to be weeded out.

William Wilson: How does poor defensive coverage effect their poor scoring?

Brandon Sutherland: +William Wilson team spirit. Momentum. Have you ever played ball? Its a real factor. Granted, for this game, the Packers played with spectacular energy and skill in both sides of the ball.

Smoky Floyd
: The Bears suck so bad why even comment.

Austin Lightsout: Hell to that No…sir.

Austin Lightsout: +Brandon Sutherland this game shows that there’s something wrong with the entire bears organization from the top down. by the way. Cutler Sucks.

Cornell Jones: No the Packers were harsh on the Bears. 55-14 .

Darryl Payne: Of. Course. Green. Bay. Is. Not. Going. 2 win. The. Super. Bowl.

Enrique Sr Colon: Nope…they should be…the Bears have to much talent on both sides of the ball to have an a*s kicking put on them that bad!. I mean I’m ok with it but I’m sure Bear fans are not. Go Pack!.

Janet Woods: Superbowl time for the packers!

Alischa T: +Darryl Payne Is it Darryl Pain? What does that have to do with how pathetic The Bears played?

Austin Lightsout: +Brandon Sutherland I agree they have hall of fame receivers but they will never make it with Cutler at QB.

Antonio Franco: Cutler is not interested in the game at all.

Red Wood: Cutler sucks! They would have had a better chance keeping Lovie. But GB dominated the hell out of Chicago!!! Both sides of the ball! Don’t be to hard on them though, Green Bay is just that good. Go Pack Go!!!

Pernell Rush: No. I’ve been a Bears fans since before the 85′ Bears they had talent and had the desire to Win as a Team!!

Jimmy Kennedy: +Austin Lightsout I don’t know when cutler is on it don’t really get any more exciting he throws that deep ball pretty and threads the needle. Remember a few weeks back whenever they came back and beat San Francisco. The difference between then and now is that the Bears were actually playing defense. That’s about the quickest I’ve ever seen a quarterback put points up. So don’t everybody give up on Cutler just yet he is capable.

Jimmy Kennedy: Seriously people let’s think about this for a second the Green Bay Packers scored 55 points last night let’s just cut that margin in half, if the defense was playing defense. That’s 22 to 23 points. What did the Bears score? 14? We’re talking about a one possession game then.

jorge navarro: There’s no excuse there all professionals. Go packers.

Mr. Shnitz: Nope.

Israel Gilmore: +Darryl Payne agreed, all the teams in the division will usually collapse last half if season or first round, aka, Lions and Packers_, overrated poor division.

MICHAEL DOWDELL: Cutler was a Gun Slinger in Denver and he is still a gun slinger.

Tawnya Cook: No - I’m a Bears fan and it’s evident a change needs to be made. Something is not meshing together.

Tiesha Campbell: Definitely NOT! Dammit Bears get your house in Order! I’m not a FIRE everyone fan BUT personnel changes MUST BE MADE!! Obviously Tress must GO! Seriously! Cutler needs to be replaced! WHY IN THE FUDGE DIDN’T WE GET A QB in the DRAFT!!! and THE D COORDINATOR SHOULD BE REMOVED FROM FOOTBALL!!! try GOLF less coverage!

John E. Jablonski: +William Wilson It also puts a hell of a lot of pressure on the entire offense, knowing that they have to be perfect and score a touchdown every time, because the defense is certain to give up points. And like +Brandon Sutherland said…morale and team spirit. #BearDone

What are your views on the way Chicago Bears are playing?

Google Plus debate on Chicago Bears