Facebook Messenger 500m users blamed on bully Zuckerberg

There are now 500 million active users using the Facebook Messenger app, but since this news went live people have started to comment saying this is simply down to being forced into downloading the application.

At first users could simply send friends etc an inbox message directly through Facebook, but Mark Zuckerberg and team decided to release a standalone Facebook Messenger app, which left users no choice at all but to download it.

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It was a rather controversial decision to release the application to allow users to chat via their mobile device. If you want to talk privately with a friend on Facebook you HAVE to download Messenger, if you do not then you have to stick with inbox messaging via the desktop version of Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg did explain a little why they released the standalone Messenger app in his Townhall Q&A at Facebook HQ. Watch the embed post below to hear the questions and answers. A question put to Mark was, “Mark, why did you force us to install Facebook Messenger?” Mark did reply by saying it was a big ask for people to install the app, he believes it is a better experience using the Messenger app. In a nutshell one app focuses on one thing and it does it well.

Many people would be very impressed to hear a Facebook app has got 500 million active users, but to put it bluntly people are not happy at all because they feel cheated and forced upon. Peter Martinazzi, director of product management at Facebook said it is very exciting that half billion people rely on Messenger to communicate and connect – Some believe the ‘Rely’ can be taken away and ‘Forced’ be put in its place.

The Facebook app has over 1 billion active users, Messenger has 500 million, WhatsApp has 600 million and Instagram 200 million – Facebook is most definitely taking over the Internet.

What are your views on the Facebook Messenger app? Some believe it just adds more clutter to their mobile devices. We have seen many comments over on Twitter and one that stuck right was, the Facebook Messenger 500m users is basically being blamed on bully Zuckerberg.

Facebook Messenger 500m users blamed on bully Zuckerberg

  • Joe

    “He made us download one app! Tyranny!”

    The only problem I could imagine would be if your phone maxed of on its memory because of this, which seems unlikely. Maybe some of the iPhone users are mad because they can’t hide Messenger in an app drawer?