Cartoon HD Twitter accounts too confusing

When it comes to Cartoon HD so many people are getting confused, there are fake accounts popping up including confusing ones on Twitter.

It all started when the Cartoon HD app went live on mobile devices, where users could stream movies for free. But this was soon catching on and was deleted from the system as it broke copyright laws.

Cartoon HD Twitter accounts too confusing

A while back we reported about the Gappcenter (@Gappcenter) Twitter account having around 5,000 followers and then dropping to 80, now they are back up to 4,796 followers. Its description on Twitter now says, “Watch FREE movies & TV on any device! Cartoon HD is back and this time it will never go away. We are now an optimized site and no longer an app.”

But when you click on the link under Gappcenter’s description you are taken to a website called, but this shows as being offline.

Cartoon HD did partner with FliXanity, but you need to be aware there were fake accounts. These included Newflixanity Twitter account, which does not exist anymore, nor does its Facebook page. When it comes to Cartoon HD it seems to be very hard to get any sort of solid base to follow.

If you wish to stream movies etc then we suggest following the real FliXanity over on Facebook and Twitter, for those wishing for Cartoon HD movies on desktop and mobile devices we guess this will not happen for a while if at all.

There are other Cartoon HD Twitter accounts, one being cartoon HD (@hobnob082), which has 624 followers with its last tweet saying, “I’m the guy behind #cartoonhd and I’ll be back soon, stay tuned!” Course you are. There is another called Cartoon HD (@CartoonHDPro) with 869 followers with its last tweet posted on October 23. Do not think for one minute there will be Cartoon HD alternatives anytime soon.

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