Artie Lange Twitter reactions after Cari champion tweets

Even if you are a comedian it looks like you have to be very careful what you say nowadays. This was the case for comedian Artie Lange when he tweeted about ESPN First Take host Cari Champion.

Twitter went absolutely crazy after Artie Lange posted tweets aimed at Cari Champion, all you need to do is search his or her name and you will see the reactions from other Twitter users.

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If you visit the official Artie Lange Twitter verified account (@artiequitter) you will see tweets from November 4 that are a little inappropriate, but then he is a comedian according to followers. He tweeted many times, which all started with, “The chick on ESPNs First Take is so F***** hot!”

Many other tweets followed, which we will not repeat here, as they are a little too rich for some readers. Just visit @artiequitter and scroll down to November 4 for the tweets.

Tweet reactions started to fly in with some saying Artie Lange didn’t need to apologise, he is a comedian and it is all fun. But one Twitter user said, “@artiequitter you need help bro.” – Here are a few other Twitter reactions to Artie Lange tweet barrage on Cari Champion.

Apparently Artie Lange will not be going on ESPN in the near future, his tweets were basically a sexual fantasy between Cari Champion and himself, which some found very funny with others thinking he was disgusting.

What are your views on Artie Lange’s tweets on Cari Champion?

Artie Lange Twitter reactions after Cari champion tweets