10 Twitter customer service wins and fails

When a company asks its customers a question about its service on Twitter, you are sure to get a barrage of wins and fails.

The Ansaback infographic below shows the top 10 funny Twitter customer service wins and fails, some businesses such as O2 get it right and other such as British Gas and McDonalds get it totally wrong.

twitter wins and fails

When it comes to wins you will see O2 are very good with its customers, for example when O2 customer @Tunde24_7 started experiencing some bad router things or should we say “tings” O2′s online customer service stepped things up a notch, providing practical support in the form of a rap battle. Much better than “have you tried turning it on and off again?”, innit man?

Sainsbury’s were also on the win side of things on Twitter after ‘October Jones’ tweeted, “Dear Sainsbury’s. The chicken in my sandwich tastes like it was beaten to death by Hulk Hogan. Was it?” And in return ‘Sainsbury’s PR’ tweeted back, “@OctoberJones really sorry it wasn’t up to scratch. We will replace Mr. Hogan with Ultimate Warrior on our production line immediately.”

But, when it comes to Twitter customer service fails McDonalds is right up there. McDonald’s wanted to connect with its customers via social media, and this time they asked followers to share their #McDStories. Oh dear, what a mistake. Read them below.

What is your favorite Twitter customer service win or fail below?

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10 Twitter customer service wins and fails