Destiny servers down after PS4 2.0 update

Destiny servers seem to be down for gamers who recently downloaded the new PS4 2.0 update today, and angry complaints are coming in thick and fast on Twitter.

One gamer said they updated their PS4 to 2.0 and since doing so Destiny is not working, nor are the PSN servers. Another user said either the Destiny servers are down, or PSN is just being hit hard from those downloaded the new 2.0 update – or both!

If you look over on Down Detector, you can see the Facebook comments coming in super fast. Majority of the complaints surround PS4 users downloading the new update, but when trying to play Destiny they are not able too. In one comment someone said the Destiny servers were down, but also mentioned the user-generated media not being allowed for your account. They also said the use of the apps chat and messaging features is not allowed for your account.

Are looking for more information on Destiny servers being down we came across, PR are always great when it comes to providing gaming news. Alan Ng mentions in his article something about a ‘Destiny PS4 hotfix is being applied’.

Hopefully Destiny are just trying to update its system so it can work with the new PS4 2.0 update - Are the Destiny servers down for you?

Destiny Downtime Twitter Complaints –

Destiny servers now unavailable for maintenance

  • Wraith7216

    I got 2.0 this morning, I was able to play for a few hours afterwards. Now I can sign in but keep getting booted. Anyone else having this prob?

  • Cole Mayes

    Yes, both PSN and Destiny give me errors when attempting to login to PSN or play Destiny after upgrading to 2.0. After installing this update I played Destiny for nearly 8 full hours, and today when I attempt to login to PSN or play Destiny all the mentioned errors are occurring. If they don’t get this resolved soon there are going to be some very nasty owners, me among them!