Stephen Hawking Facebook page at 1.47m

The official Stephen Hawking Facebook page now has 1,475,260 followers, but within a matter of 1 minute and refreshing he has climbed up to 1,475,384. So on average he is getting 24 followers per minute.

On the about page it says Stephen Hawking’s joined Facebook on 08/10/2014, but when you scroll down to the bottom of the main timeline it says he joined on 7 October – Just thought we would include this information.

Stephen Hawking Facebook page at 1.47m pic 2

His team will manage the Stephen Hawking Facebook page, and posts etc will be signed as “SH.”

On October 24 there were three posts published, the first on this day was a post about what makes the universe exist. And, it looks like he has joined Facebook to share with you a special journey because he is curious and so should you be.

His second post on Oct 24 was the Stephen Hawking’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, it was funny to hear Hawking’s saying it wouldn’t be safe for him to do the challenge, but has three beautiful children who could take the plunge for him, and they did.

The third post published on the same day where he explains the enjoyment he had at the STARMUS festival.

Are you following the official Stephen Hawking Facebook page?

Stephen Hawking Facebook page at 1.47m