Ebola US vs UK news coverage explained by comic

The Ebola virus is a 2014 epidemic that has spread very fast, and according to reports the number of those infected has reached 10,000, with around 4,900 deaths.

It is a deadly disease and news groups in different countries look at the virus in different ways. But, the Ebola US vs UK news coverage explained by comic Russell Howard is the most funniest to date.

Ebola spreads through direct contact with body fluids and blood with those showing signs on Ebola, people should NOT worry about catching the virus through the air, food, mosquitoes or water.

Comedian Russell Howard explained in a light-hearted way how the US and UK reports the news on Ebola in totally different ways. It seems the likes of UK News channels such as the BBC are calm and not panicked, but yet American news channels are under a state of panic.

The Russell Howard’s Good News video below had us in fits of laughter, in one part of the video Howard explains that former Birmingham City striker Dele Adebola reassured his fans on Twitter that he does not have Ebola, the reason for this is because his name contains ebola.

We are not going to say anymore, just watch the video below.

Are you worried about Ebola and travelling just in case you contract the virus? Please do use the comments below.

Ebola US vs UK news coverage explained by comic pic 1