PS4 2.0 video explanation of Share Play update release

Sony is releasing its new PS4 v2.0 software update next week, with its key feature being Share Play.

On October 28 (Tuesday), Sony will be releasing its new Share Play feature for the PlayStation 4, and thanks to the video below courtesy of the PlayStation YouTube channel you can learn more about it.

Since the YouTube video went live yesterday it has had 84,473 views and climbing. In the video Andrew Kelly explains in detail about one of the PS4 v2.0 software update features ‘Share Play’.

Sony calls it the ‘Virtual Couch’ where players will be able to invite their friends to play games with them through the Internet, and the good thing about this is your friends DO NOT have to own a copy of the game. Basically just share what you have and invite them in, which is a superb feature in our eyes and looking forward to it.

The PS4 feature will also allow you to share your screen with your friends online; they will see what you see. Allowing you to hand over your controller so they can help you with your game. How many times have you been in a game and got stuck on something? This need not be anymore; hand over the controller and let your online friends help.

You can even give your friends online access with a secondary controller to join in a multiplayer game. Even in this mode your friends do not need to own a copy of the game, obviously both players have to have a PS4.

Are you looking forward to the new Sony PS4 2.0 update release of Share Play?

PS4 2.0 video explanation of Share Play update release