Jaylen Fryberg Twitter account before Marysville shooting

The Jaylen Fryberg Twitter account doesn’t show a kind and friendly schoolboy, most of his tweets going back months show very violent behavior before Marysville-Pilchuk High shooting.

The Tweets on Fryberg’s account are rather disturbing, and many of them shows he had issues that could have prevented the shooting. Anyone with a Twitter account showing these kinds of tweets should be questioned; it could have prevented the tragic killing and critical injuries of innocent people. And, why people are still joining his Twitter account is beyond us, why are new followers clicking on the follow link?

It was at the Marysville-Pilchuk High School when Jaylen Fryberg stood on a class table and pulled out a gun, when he then started to shoot his friends. The 15-year-old was clearly in an unstable mind judging on his tweets, he shot his victims in the back according to one eyewitness explaining to CNN.

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Two people died in the incident, one was a female victim and the other was Jaylen Fryberg after shooting himself, around four others were wounded. CNN reports the victims being “very critically ill”; one boy aged 14 has a very serious jaw injury, with another aged 15 with a critical head injury.

The tweets on Fryberg’s Twitter account are disturbing, one reading, “Your gonna p*** me off… And then some s***s gonna go down and I don’t think you’ll like it.” Another said, “It’s about to go down.”

Here are a few other tweets – please be aware that some of the tweets contain strong language. His tweets clearly show he was not a happy boy, how did no one pick up on this by his shocking tweets.

His last tweet was October 23rd, the day before the shooting – It said -

Jaylen Fryberg Twitter account before Marysville shooting

  • Betty Jean sims

    Not hard to tell he was a spoiled brat .Always wanted it his way ,or else