LinkedIn privacy policy, user agreement now effective

As of yesterday October 23, 2014, LinkedIn revised its versions of its Privacy Policy and User Agreement. By continuing on LinkedIn its means you agree to these revised documents, so please take a few minutes to read and understand them. Visit the LinkedIn blog to learn what these changes mean to you.

Who owns your LinkedIn content? The answer is simple, you do and according to the professional site you always have. And to prove it they are updating its ‘User Agreement’ within its privacy policy.

LinkedIn are there to provide users with everything they can to make the most of your professional life, and to do that sharing ideas, inspiring others and starting conversations are ways of getting known.

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But sharing all this information on LinkedIn may be a cause for concern when it comes to who owns the content you share, but unlike other social networks LinkedIn has always said you own the content.

As of yesterday October 23, 2014 LinkedIn’s new User Agreement was made effective, the reason for the change is to show you they are committed to respecting what’s yours. Information such as presentations, posts, portfolios, comments or profile photos all belong to LinkedIn users and it is you that controls your content.

LinkedIn will always ask its users for permission before using any of your content in third-party websites, ads or publications, and even thought they have always done this the User Agreement specifically lets you know this is the case.

LinkedIn says, “We don’t own or have exclusive rights to your content. It’s yours, so feel free to repost it anywhere, however you want.”

New tools are being introduced as well to give you even more control, there will be a single place to see everywhere you’re signed in to LinkedIn and manage those sessions. Users will be able to export LinkedIn data, which includes where or how you access LinkedIn as well as updates you’ve shared and your activity.

Any emails LinkedIn send you when you make a password change will now include information about the place where the deed was taken, which basically means your account will always be secure.

Now you know who controls your LinkedIn content – Are you happy with LinkedIn’s new terms of service?

LinkedIn privacy policy, new tools from Oct 23