Instagram is down, login is not working

Instagram is not working according to many of its users across the world. The same question keeps popping up on forums saying, “Instagram is down right now, what’s happening?”

Instagram login problems are occurring, but some users can login but when trying to upload a photo it keeps failing on them.

The words ‘Black Box’ is appearing on Down Detector, which basically means each time a user uploads a picture the screen just goes black. We haven’t actually come across this problem yet, there doesn’t seem to be any official maintenance work going on at Instagram. We are unaware of any new updates - keep trying to login as we cannot see it being anything serious.

We here at OSM have checked to see if Instagram is working, and all seems to be working ok for us.

Are you having Instagram login problems?

Over on Twitter tweets are starting to pour in, one tweeter said, “Is it just me or is Instagram not working at the moment?” – Below you can see a few more tweets –

Instagram is down, login is not working